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SummersRadio™ Rare Mashup + Free Download! Blondie vs. Philip Glass! Daft Beatles!

SummersRadio™ Rare Mashup + Free Download! Blondie vs. Philip Glass - 'Heart Of Glass' (Daft Beatles Mashup)/ Blondie - '11:59'

First of all kudos to another music blog - The Omelette Chronicles for exposing me to this wonder today! This mashup was created last fall but for the most part it's remained rather underground thus far.

Jonas C aka Daft Beatles is a mashup artist/ dj from London. He posted his first mashup online a year ago - of Daft Punk vs The Beatles 'Something About Us Comes Together' - hence his moniker. In just the last twelve months he's since posted 48 tracks on his Soundcloud page (all mashups) which you can check out here:

This version of 'Heart Of Glass' lifts the vocal from Blondie's 1979 hit of the same name - which floats in a most beautiful and haunting manner over Philip Glass's (instrumental) track 'Violin Concerto II' - and the results are quite stunning.

Blondie is one of my all time favourite bands - and I'm very happy to say that Debbie Harry is still alive and well - but it sounds like she's singing from the heavens here. Someday when she is no more I can picture myself listening to this powerful track and weeping. Despite being an upbeat worldwide disco smash, as Jonas C says himself 'I always thought they were bleak lyrics... "Soon found out I was losing my mind...'.


Tomorrow (July 1st) is actually Harry's 67th birthday and she still looks amazing (as always) - Happy Birthday Deborah!


If this mashup is to your liking it's available as a free download simply by clicking on the icon below... Enjoy!

Bonus Track! Here's a Blondie original that's always had an eerie feel to it for me - especially if you're listening to it at the right time of the night. Like 'Heart Of Glass', '11:59' is a track from Blondie's third album 'Parallel Lines' - in fact it was the b-side of 'Heart Of Glass' in North America. The lyrics have quite an urgency to them - you're left wondering if she'll survive until the next day... Enjoy!

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