Monday, 23 July 2012

SummersRadio™ New Music/ Remixes + Free Download! The xx!

SummersRadio™ New Music/ Remixes + Free Download! The xx - 'Angels' (Pacific Nations' Der Rausch Remix)

The xx released their new single 'Angel' on Facebook just days ago - and already there are nearly 40 remixes posted on Soundcloud alone! 'Angel' is the first single and first track on their sophomore album called 'Coexist' which will be released on September 10th on the Young Turks label.

So I listened to pretty much every remix - nearly every possible electronic subgenre is covered - a few are turrible, but there are some quite remarkable ones as well. I've chosen my two favourites of the lot here starting with this amazingly epic spacey transformation from London's Pacific Nations.


I like how they maintain the ambiance of the original and expand on it at the same time. It begins with great hypnotic vocals effects, gradually building up as it floats along perfectly - the is 'Pacific Nations' Der Rausch Remix'... Enjoy!

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