Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SummersRadio™ New Remix! Marc DePulse! Patrick Chardronnet!

SummersRadio™ New Remix! Marc DePulse - 'Lessons In Dub' (Patrick Chardronnet Remix)

German dj/ producer Marcel Sterling aka Marc DePulse has just released a new remix EP called 'Lessons In Dub Part 3 (The Remixes)'! 'Lessons In Dub Part 1' (four tracks) and '...Part 2' (six tracks) were released last December and this April respectively - and together they comprise his full length debut album. The new EP released this week features all new remixes of six of the album's original tracks and it's released on the Ostwind Records label.


'Lessons In Dub Part 3 (The Remixes)' is available on both itunes and Beatport - much cheaper on itunes ($5.94 vs. $11.94) - but it says 'clean' on itunes so I'm not sure yet if they're actually edited or not. All six remixes are solid but it's fellow German Patrick Chardronnet's remix of the title track that's the clear standout.

This remix has great layers of sound - it begins here on one hand as what seems to be (at first) a rather straightforward house track - then you hear something about a crash landing - and you'll soon discover that it also has a hypnotic sustained vocal underbelly. Then an even more hypnotic bassline kicks in and you're whisked along through a magical buffet of sounds - and just when you think this remix couldn't get any better, it heads into acid techno territory! Amazing.

This is the 'Patrick Chardronnet Remix' of Marc Depulse's 'Lessons In Dub'... Enjoy!

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