Wednesday, 8 May 2013

SummersRadio™ New Music! Sian!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Sian - 'Famous Child Actor' (Original Mix)

Octopus Records has just unleashed their 50th release with an astounding EP from the Spanish label's founder Sian! 'The Policeman Inside You'/'Famous Child Actor' EP features four tracks - the originals of each track plus one remix of each from Ambivalent and Sam Paganini respectively. It's currently available exclusively on Beatport:

Kudos to Octopus on reaching their 50th - I like how Sian describes its ascension: "In honesty we can't believe we made it this far,we thought we would be dead or in jail by now.Started with 50 bucks and a pipe dream,Octopus has grown into one of the top 5 selling Techno labels on Beatport in the last two years.Refusing management deals and buy ins along the way we are proud to be truly independent.We wanted to rock the balls off everyone on the 50th release so we went all out."

All four tracks on the EP are mind altering sonic wonders! I'd also feature Sam Paganini's remix of 'The Policeman Inside You' if it was available anywhere to share - but you can hear a clip of it on the above link. I'm not sure if any particular famous child actor is being referenced here - how old was Pac-Man when he started? Here's a teaser from the label featuring a minute of 'Famous Child Actor'... Enjoy!

Remarkable I say - but too short - here's the full 'Original Mix' in all it's glory - I love when the music drops back in around 3:58... Enjoy!

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